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The Marketing Funnel

Before creating any type of content marketing plan, you should know your end goal. Are you aiming to raise general awareness of your brand? Are you targeting prospects who are likely interested in your product or service? Or are you cultivating the relationship with those on the verge of becoming your customer?

The answers to these questions will help you identify which part of the sales cycle you want your content to target. Remember, you can’t create a solid content strategy without knowing the results you want to achieve.

Before delving into the details of LEAD GENERATION content, let’s review the best content marketing types for all stages of the sales cycle in the content funnel below:


Attract Stage: Create Content People Want to See and Share to Increase Awareness and Traffic

At the beginning of the buying cycle, the goal is to generate awareness about your brand. You want as many people as possible to familiarize themselves with your organization and what you provide. In other words, you want broadly appealing content

These content marketing types are designed to appeal to authoritative sites that drive traffic and generate links, and for these reasons, the best content is something that has mass appeal.


Convert Stage: Create Conversion-Driven Content to Target Leads

When you are no longer attempting to connect with a wide, relatively unknown audience, you can focus on content that speaks directly to your target consumers. This is known as conversion-driven content. Conversion campaigns are designed to target consumers in a specific market and lead them to sales on your site.

This type of content marketing is hyper-targeted to a specific audience that’s probably already familiar with your brand and interested in learning more or actually making a purchase decision. It’s important to remember the consumer doesn’t begin the buying process knowing they need a product. Typically, consumers start the buyer journey knowing they have a problem, so content that offers a solution is a great way to drive conversions.


Nurture Stage: Provide Content That Strengthens the Relationship

This phase of the buying cycle is suited for your leads who have either converted in some way (e.g., requested to be on your subscriber list) or who have purchased from you already. These are the people you really want to continue impressing – not lose sight of because you’ve already hooked them.

An e-newsletter is an effective way to build your relationship with customers. It’s the perfect opportunity to drive traffic to your other content (e.g., blog posts and full-scale campaigns). By doing this, you’re:

  1. helping to turn audiences interested in your brand into active customers and

  2. providing value to existing customers.


Here at Millennium Marketing, we can help you devise a strategy for your business no matter what stage of the marketing funnel you are at. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can best help you!

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