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How to Make the Most of IGTV Ads!

Brands and content creators need to work out a mutually-beneficial working relationship to make IGTV ads work in their favor. Creators will have to put in extra effort to create engaging vertical videos. Brands will have to overcome their fear of low viewership of IGTV. 

Despite these odds, you can unlock the potential of IGTV ads by following some best practices. 

Instagram hasn’t revealed the exact specifications for IGTV ads yet, but since these ads will play along with IGTV videos, they should follow the same specs.

IGTV's videos specs are:

  • Video length should be between 15 minutes (for mobile uploads) and 60 minutes (for web uploads).

  • MP4 is the recommended format for videos.

  • For vertical videos, the aspect ratio should be 9:16, and for horizontal videos, it should be 16:9.

  • The minimum frame rate is supposed to be 30 frames per second.

  • The minimum resolution is 720px.

  • Files should not exceed 650 MB for videos less than 10 minutes long and 3.6 GB for videos less than 60 minutes long.

  • The dimensions of the cover photo should ideally be 420 pixels by 654 pixels. As of now, you can edit the cover photo after uploading it.

Use interesting ad copy and high-quality visuals to make your ads more engaging. Add a compelling CTA that prompts viewers to interact with the ad.

Content creators should share IGTV previews to their feeds which can spike the engagement rates of vertical videos. One-minute previews in your feed are like a highway to your videos. You don’t need to write posts to get people to click on your vertical video, neither do you have to link to your Stories to your video. 


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